About Us

For nearly a decade E. Sheehan Corp. has been helping homeowners on the South Shore of Massachusetts to take better care of their properties. Specializing in a full range of lawn care and landscape design services, there is no shortage of ways our deeply experienced team can help better your property. From regularly scheduled lawn care to full landscape design projects, E. Sheehan Corp. has the top quality materials and equipment to get the job done.

We’re the Plant Experts!

Our dedicated staff is the leading local source for plant expertise, helping homeowners across the South Shore to find the right plants for their properties. We offer a wide range of plants and will both deliver and plant them on your property. You can rely on our team for tips on which plants would best compliment your yard, how to properly maintain them once planted, and much more!

Trucking Services

In addition to lawn care, landscape design, and stonework, E. Sheehan Corp. offers dedicated one ton, 6-wheeler and tractor trailer trucking services. We own our own fleet of trucks, and each of our drivers is fully licensed and certified.


Our Facilities